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Arena Drag Model Olympia for Tractors

$7,250.00 $7,250.00
#1 Arena Groomer for World-Class Arena FootingThe Model Olympia, like the name says, has been the arena groomer of choice at all Olympic Games in last two decades. This is one of our various tractor models and is the right arena drag for you when you need absolute precise arena preparation to perfection.   For all sand arenas and all synthetic arena footings. The Olympia arena groomer provides optimal leveling, blending of sand additives and light compacting in one easy step.

Arena Drag Model Roll for ATV/UTVs and small tractors

Ideal choice for sand arenas and all synthetic arena footings.  Use it on ATV/UTVs,  gas or electric, and small compact tractors. It has all the same features like the larger tractor model Model Olympia.German Engineering in a small packageThe Platz-Max Roll features a hitch bar to pull behind and a 3 point hitch giving you the option for type of attachment. Makes perfect grooming of your arena simple and fun. The perfect choice for private horse facilities.

Arena Groomer ‘Model Maxi’

$10,800.00 $10,800.00
The Platz Max Maxi arena drag features alternating ripper tines and coil tines, allowing you to use the same arena harrow in different arenas – switch from clay footing to geotextile sand footing with the alternating hydraulic of ripper tines and coil tines.

Arena Groomer ‘Model Multi’

The Platz Max Multi horse arena drag enables the maintenance of various equestrian surfaces with only one piece of equipment.

FSGeoTEX 5*Star Blend

$620.00 $620.00
The FSGeoTEX 5* geotextile horse footing blend is a custom blend formula of (3) three premium geotextiles with High fiber content and thick cushioning geotextiles for a world-class riding surface.

GoldTex Premium Geotextile Footing

$840.00 $840.00
GoldTEX Premium geotextile footing is the Original German polyester textile and fiber sand additive.

GoldTEX White/Green

$800.00300 $800.00
GoldTEX Premium geotextile footing is the Original German polyester textile and fiber sand additive.

Groomer ‘Model Rain’ with water tank

The Only 2-in-1 Arena Drag with Irrigation Efficiently grooms and waters your arena footing in a single time-saving pass. Assures even moisture in the arena footing while conserving water. Eliminates the use of uneven sprinkler systems and evaporation.

Platz Max Ripper tines attachment for arena drag

$950.00 $950.00
Ripper tines attachment
for breaking up compacted arena footing (only fits Platz Max NLGW Tractor 7.25)