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EcoFiber Natural Arena Footing Textile

Go Organic! Made of jute, this organic textile is becoming the sand additive of choice more and more in Germany because of its organic ingredient.

FiberCloud Textile Arena Footing

$0.85 $0.85

FiberCloud textile arena footing is a blend of a very high fiber content of 80% and 20% textiles with a stretchy backing.

FSGeoTEX Horse Footing 5* Blend

$620.00 $620.00
The FSGeoTEX 5* geotextile horse footing blend is a custom blend formula of (3) three premium geotextiles with High fiber content and thick cushioning geotextiles for a world-class riding surface.

GoldTex Premium Geotextile Footing

$840.00 $840.00
GoldTEX Premium geotextile footing is the Original German polyester textile and fiber sand additive.